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Friends Only [Sunday
April 24th, 2005 at 5:43pm]

Friends Only

From now on my LJ is 100% only. I'm sorry but I don't feel secure letting the whole internet know about my life. So comment and I'll let you know if I added you back.

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About Vicky [Friday
April 23rd, 2004 at 1:17pm]
My name is Vicky and I'm 17 years old and soon going to be 18 on november 16th. I'm a scorpio. I live in Montreal which is in Quebec, Canada. I love it there and wouldn't move. When I hit the big 18 I wanna live in MTL city because I love it there. I love to hangout with friends, go shopping, goto the movies, you know normal teen stuff. I love to party and go clubbing, when I have the chance I won't say no. My favorite nightclub is Aria in Montreal or circus. I smoke pot and drink and I also smoke cigs. My favorite drinks are Vodka, Vodka+7up, tequilla shots with lemon and salt, cold beer, smirnoff ice, bacardi breezers and that's about it.
I listen to r&b, hiphop, rap, rock, reggea, reggeaton etc. I watch all the CSI's, without a trace, law and order svu, cold case etc. I love Degrassi, SNL and madtv when there's nothing else on TV. I'm very open minded about movies so I don't care what genre to go see. My favorite movies right now are: Red Eye, The notebook, A night at the roxbury, Saved, Amityville, 40 year's old virgin, anything by will ferrel, 8 mile, blade trinity, scary movie 1 & 2, harold and kumar go to white castle, old school, bourne supremacy, oceans 11, thirteen and that's about it o_o;.

I can be a bitch if someone's mean to me. I can be really really nice with the people that are nice to me. If you respect me, I respet you.
I don't have a religion, I'd go more towards Atheism. I don't believe in Jesus and all the saints but I still respect my friend's beliefs.
That's all you gotta know about me, if you want to know more ask :).
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